Two tablets, usually of wood or ivory, joined by hinges. Consular diptychs (examples survive from 428-541) were presented to senators, friends, and relatives by each of the annual consuls (q.v.) to commemorate their year in office. Each consular diptych contains the name and portrait of the consul. Imperial diptychs were given as presents to high civil officials and clergy upon their taking office. Sacred diptychs, commemorating the names of important laymen and clergy, living and dead, were placed on the altar and read aloud during the celebration of the Eucharist (q.v.). To erase the name of an emperor, bishop, or pope (qq.v.) from a sacred diptych was tantamount to excommunication. Conversely, as Michael VIII (q.v.) was preparing to depart for the Council of Lyons (q.v.) in 1274, he ordered that the pope's name be added to the diptychs read aloud during the liturgy (q.v.). This signified to the Greek clergy his intention to restore communion with the western church.

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